Tiger Cub Died In Bilaspur: Kanan Zoo’s Tiger Cub Mitan Died, Health Was Bad Since January 30


The male tiger cub died in Kanan Pendari Zoological Garden of Bilaspur. On January 30, the zoo-keeper informed about the ill health of the cub. In the short post-mortem, the matter of infection in the liver and intestine has been revealed, due to which the possibility of death has been expressed. Liver and intestinal infections

Bilaspur: The male tiger cub died on February 1 in Kanan Pendari Zoological Garden. On January 30, the zoo-keeper of the Bengal tiger cage reported that the male cub (Mitan) of Rambha Bagin had loose stools and was looking lethargic. After which the cub died on Wednesday. According to swelling in the liver and intestine in the short PM, the possibility of suffering from feline pen leukopenia has been expressed. This is being said to be death.

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Rambha gave birth to 4 cubs 9 months ago: 9 months ago, female tiger Rambha gave birth to four cubs in the only Ju Kanan Pendari Zoological Park of Bilaspur division. Among them, 3 are male and one is female. Now the age of these cubs is about 9 months and now they are seen walking in the enclosure. On January 30, among these cubs, the health of the male cub Mitan deteriorated and due to loose stools, he was kept separate from other cubs and was being treated by the doctors of Kanan. Meanwhile, he died on Wednesday.

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The temperature of the female cubs is high, ongoing treatment: In the post-mortem done after the death of the cub , swelling has been found in its stomach. According to the legions found in the lungs, liver and intestines of the male cub, it has been suggested that the cub may be suffering from feline pen leukopenia. The other 2 female cubs have been separated from the tigress mother (Rambha) and kept in the rescue center for safety. The body temperature of both the cubs was taken, the temperature was found to be higher than the normal temperature. The treatment of both is going on. Rambha and a female cub have been separated.

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