TV Actress Rupali Ganguly Joined Baba’s Bhasmarti, Said- Anupama’s Offer Was Received While Watching


TV actress Rupali Ganguly reached Ujjain, the abode of Baba Mahakal and participated in the Bhasm Aarti of Baba Mahakal (Rupali Ganguly attend in Bhasm Aarti). Rupali Ganguly said that she has only prayed that the blessings of Lord Mahakal should remain forever.

Ujjain. Famous actress Rupali Ganguly of upcoming serial Anupama on Star Plus attended Bhasma Aarti at Baba Mahakal Temple on Wednesday (Anupama Serial Actress Rupali Ganguly). Anupama reached the sanctum sanctorum to see Bhasma Aarti and offered water to Lord Mahakal and performed Panchamrit Abhishek Pujan and took the blessings of Lord Mahakal. Anupama has come to seek the blessings of Lord Mahakal even before this, in the year 2020, Anupama started the serial Anupama coming on Star Plus by taking the blessings of Lord Mahakal. At the same time, after taking the blessings of Baba Mahakal, Rupali Ganguly also interacted with the media.

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Received ‘Anupama’ offer after Baba’s darshan: Rupali Ganguly said that she has only prayed that Lord Mahakal’s blessings remain forever. He said that “I attended the Bhasm Aarti of Baba Mahakal for the first time in the year 2020.” She came out after Bhasmaarti and the offer of serial Anupama came. She was trying to come to Ujjain for a year but could not come. Now when Mahakal God called, she came, Baba has given everything without asking and nothing is needed. Everyone else should remain happy, this is the wish of Lord Mahakal .

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Anupama is the most watched serial on TV: Anupama is the most liked serial across the country on the small screen. Most of the women like to watch this serial. Anupama’s character attracts a lot of women. While Rupali Ganguly is an actress and theater artist, her most famous role was in the TV serial Sarabhai VS. Rupali is playing the role of a housewife in Anupama serial coming on Star Plus TV. The character played by Rupali Ganguly in the serial “Anupama” is very much liked by the audience, due to which Anupama has become very famous.

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