Union Budget 2023: Middle Class Families Called The Budget Balanced


The General Budget 2023 has been presented. The middle class families were largely satisfied with this budget, while the housewives are still not satisfied with the budget.

New Delhi: Regarding the General Budget 2023, the middle class family says that some expectations from the budget have been fulfilled and some are still lacking. There is happiness on the faces of people due to many things becoming cheaper, but the expectations of many such reductions, including school fees, have not been fulfilled. In the middle class family, some have described the budget as balanced, while some have also told many flaws in it. Elderly pensioners are satisfied with getting tax exemption.

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The General Budget 2023 was presented. People had high expectations from this budget. Many people’s expectations were fulfilled, so many people have to say that there are still many flaws in the budget. Especially regarding inflation, no special exemption was given in this budget. Many new schemes were made in the budget 2023 but there are still many such things in which the government should reduce the prices. People say that there was no reduction in the school fees of the children.

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Some people say that they expected that there would be a reduction in the prices of ration, cooking gas and fruits and vegetables in this budget, but this has not been seen so far, due to which people are dissatisfied. On the other hand, by giving exemption in tax and exemption of up to ₹ 7 lakh in income tax, there has been a smile on the faces of the people. Many middle class families say that this budget is a balanced budget. The budget has been made keeping everyone in mind.

Mobiles and many electronic goods have become cheaper, due to which he is satisfied. Friends, those who are satisfied with this budget also say that it is absolutely right for cigarettes and tobacco to be expensive. The biggest relief is tax exemption and many other schemes have been started, due to which most of the people appeared satisfied. Especially the elderly who are based on pension appeared satisfied because they were given tax exemption, which they were waiting for a long time. Overall, some people appeared satisfied with this budget and some people agreed, while many people say that this budget is a balanced budget.

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