Uttar Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission: The Regulatory Commission Summoned The Power Companies


Uttar Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission has raised questions on the proposal of increase in electricity rates filed by power companies. The Regulatory Commission has asked what is the basis of the proposal to increase the category wise electricity rates?

Lucknow: On behalf of all the electricity companies of Uttar Pradesh, the Electricity Regulatory Commission has found all the flaws in the annual revenue requirement year 2023-24 and the true-up petition filed in the Electricity Regulatory Commission on January 9. Taking out more than 100 shortcomings, the Managing Director of all the power companies of the state has sought answers in seven days. Tell that the electricity companies had proposed to increase the electricity rates of the consumers of the state by 18 to 23 percent. The Electricity Regulatory Commission has also raised this issue by asking many questions to the electricity companies that the electricity companies should tell what is the basis of the proposed increase in the electricity rates of different categories? How much revenue will be generated from the proposed proposal excluding subsidy?

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While the Regulatory Commission has sought complete information from the power companies of the state regarding the meters installed by the departmental employees and has also asked for their complete details, the details of how the expenses incurred on the smart prepaid meter project will be reimbursed. summoned. A report has also been sought from the power companies of the state on the entire issue of power purchase, along with it has also said that why all the power companies have not yet implemented the Compensation Act. Complete information has also been called from Dakshinanchal Vidyut Vitran Nigam in the case of torrent power. The Electricity Regulatory Commission has also raised questions on expensive power purchase and sought answers. The commission has also questioned that the power companies should also tell how much subsidy is being given by the Uttar Pradesh government, as well as the power companies will also have to tell that from the year 2021-22 to the year 2023-24 What has been their status of hours of power supply?

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Consumer Council President Awadhesh Kumar Verma said, ‘The manner in which the Electricity Regulatory Commission has questioned the electricity companies on every issue, it has become clear that the proposal of electricity companies to increase the proposed electricity rates should be rejected prima facie. It is fixed. The Consumer Council once again reiterated its demand that ‘the consumers of the state are getting a surplus of about 25,133 crores on the electricity companies. In such a situation, by reducing the power rates by seven percent for the next five years, the Electricity Regulatory Commission should equalize the surplus amount between the electricity companies and the consumers. For the first time in the country, it has happened that thousands of crores of surplus is coming out of electricity consumers of that state on the electricity companies, despite this, the electricity companies filed a proposal for a huge increase in electricity rate, which is a shocking matter in itself.

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