Vivah Muhurat 2023: These Are The Best Muhurats For Marriage, Start Preparations From Today Itself


According to the Hindu calendar, in the year 2023, there are special auspicious times in certain months to tie the knot. In which marriages can be done (hindu marriage dates list). In such a situation, hesitation is also being seen regarding the organization of marriage and booking of Manglik Bhawan Marriage Garden.

Bikaner.Marriage dreams are also one of the reasons for the boom in the market. But this year there are big auspicious times for marriages only in a few months and in January there was a big sava on the day of Abujh Muhurt of Basant Panchami. Now in the month of February, from February 6, there is auspicious time for marriages. Actually, there is no auspicious time for marriages for the next two months. In such a situation, preparations for weddings have intensified in February.

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There are 13 days of marriage auspicious time in February: There will be 6 days of marriage auspicious time in February. There are more marriage ceremonies in February due to the good position of Jupiter and Venus. There is no more auspicious time than coming of Holashtak in March. There are only two Muhurtas in March. That’s why marriages are also less. Booking for marriages on 1,6,9,10,15, 22, 23 February is also fast. However, there are auspicious times for marriage only on selected dates in different months throughout the year. In such a situation, there is a boom in the booking of marriage garden and catering.

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There is no Muhurta in March-April: Panchangist Pandit Rajendra Kiradu says that there is no Muhurta in March anyway due to Pisces Sankranti. But this time there is no auspicious time till April after the Guru sets. Pt. Kiradu said that after March 13, due to the setting of Jupiter, there will be no marriage auspicious time till April. The process of marriage ceremonies will start from May and will continue till the end of June. There are about 50 marriage auspicious times till December this year.

Chaturmas begins in June: Pandit Kiradu told that there is auspicious time in June till 23rd June. But there is Abujh Sava on 27th June, because there is Abujh Sava of Shuddha Navami day. This is a great moment. After this Chaturmas will be effective for four months from June 29. In such a situation, marriage functions will not take place during this period. If you have made up your mind to get married, then look at the month-wise Muhurta and dates and start preparations.

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The season will start on November 23: Kiradu told that on November 23 is Devuthani Ekadashi. On this day Abuj Sava happens and auspicious works begin. At the same time, on December 7, the last marriage ceremony of the year is auspicious. In the month of November, 23rd, 24th, 27th, 28th and 29th November are auspicious times for marriage, that means total 5 auspicious days are available.

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